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With an ever-growing portfolio of high-quality growing companies and products under its belt, Prohealth is one of the leaders within the Maltese pharmaceutical and dermo-cosmetic market, and is establishing itself rapidly in the medical devices field, too.

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A 360° Approach to Healthcare.

Prohealth’s story began in Malta in 1995 as an importation and distribution company for pharmaceuticals, dermo-cosmetics, medical devices and equipment, as well as other healthcare-related products. These products were distributed to local pharmacies, and to the Government Health Services in Malta.

With an ever-growing portfolio of high-quality companies and products under its belt, Prohealth has also been handling the promotion and sales of dermo-cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare-related products in Libya since 2004, and it is currently in the process of exploring new opportunities in neighbouring markets.

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Latest News.

Summer in Malta… What to do?

August is already here, but summer is nowhere close to being over (as is evident by the current heatwave… is anyone else melting, right now?). There’s still plenty of fun…

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Prohealth Employees Organise Blood Drive

As part of the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility activities, Prohealth teamed up with Malta’s Blood Donation Unit to set up a Blood Drive outside the company’s premises, in Zebbug. This…

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Team Building Treasure Hunt

Prohealth recognises how important it is for employees to participate in a team event and bond outside of an office environment. This is why, on Friday 23rd June, the company’s…

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