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How do I know if I have dry eyes?

Tears supply the surface of the eye with lubrication and nutrients and are essential in maintaining eye health. Symptoms of dry eyes can be more than just irritation – these include the feeling of grittiness, redness, itching, burning, and even blurred vision. Chronic dryness can lead to permanent damage to the eye.

Tears are chiefly composed of mucus, water, and fatty oils. If any of these factors are compromised, tears become unstable and therefore do not maintain the eye sufficiently lubricated and may evaporate from the eye too quickly. A rupture of the film of tears leads to exposure of the sensitive cornea to the air.

It is essential to take care of dry eyes as failing to do so can lead to long-term damage to the eyes. Dryness in the eyes can occur due to many reasons. In summer, the condition may worsen due to time spent in airconditioned rooms, on planes at vacations, and in the sea/pools and sun.

Other possible causes of dry eye conditions include contact lens use, prolonged screen time (e.g., monitors, laptops), certain medications (including eye drops containing preservatives), increased age, following eye surgery or infection, and other concurrent conditions.

Red Eyes

Choosing the right product for your eyes

The Hylo Eye Care® range of eye drops and gels for dry eye conditions offer lubrication and a calming effect that restores balance in dry and irritated eyes. These products help the eyes to feel fresh again by revitalizing the tear film to its natural composition. Choose the ideal product for you, depending on your symptoms:

  • Hylo Fresh lubricating eye drops are designed for those suffering from red, dry and tired eyes, especially due to environmental factors such as contact lenses, digital screens, ACs ect They provide freshness via the ingredient  sodium hyaluronate that adheres to the eye surface thanks to its viscous properties. These drops also relieve redness as they contain an extract of Euphrasia officinalis aka Eyebright – an ingredient traditionally used to treat inflammation and irritation that leads to red eyes.
  • Hylo Comod lubricating drops provide medium to severe symptoms of  dry eyes with the optimal moisture for the rehydration they need. Thanks to the ingredient sodium hyaluronate delivered in a clear liquid, vision is not impaired. The eyes are restored with an even and stable film of tears
  • Hylo Gel lubricating eye drops have been developed for chronically dry and very dry eyes. Thanks to their properties, they provide long-lasting and intense lubrication even in severe dry eye conditions. For this reason, they are also used in the regeneration of the surface of the eye following operations. They are also recommended in cases of damage to the lacrimal gland, in conditions where there is the inability to completely close the eyelids, autoimmune diseases, and facial nerve paralysis.

Why choose Hylo Eye Care® Range?

  1. All the products in this range contain no preservatives. Preservatives found in some eye formulations are known to damage the tear film and cause irritation in many users. Some preservatives used in eye drops, such as antibiotics or steroids, can also cause allergic reactions.
  2. All the products in this range contain no phosphate buffers. A buffer in eye drops is needed to maintain the chemical bonds between ingredients. It ensures an ideal pH level during the period of their use. The phosphate buffer has been replaced with a citrate buffer since phosphates can lead to calcium deposits on damaged corneas. 
  3. The two properties above make these eye formulations better tolerated and safe for long-term use. 
  4. Drops and gels in the Hylo range have good tolerability even for contact lens wearers. 
  5. The COMOD® system has a few advantages over other types of droppers. The airtight system makes it possible for the drops or gel to remain sterile without using preservatives that can further dry and irritate the eye. Once opened, they can be used for 6 whole months!
  6. The  COMOD® system dispenses one drop per pump of the bottle. This ensures the contents go a long way without waste and makes it easier to apply the drops, even for those less accustomed to doing so. 
  7. Each bottle of 10ml provides at least 300 drops, making the products great value for money.
  8. The smooth dropper tip prevents injury by removing jagged or sharp edges that are sometimes created upon opening one-time use eye droppers.

The easy and safe-to-handle eye lubricating products in the Hylo Eye Care® range cater to all types of dry eyes, from mildly irritated to chronically dry eyes. It is essential not to ignore the symptoms of dry eye conditions and get treatment immediately to maintain healthy and comfortable eyes.