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Acne presents in three different forms. The first, which is called retentional acne, is characterised by blackheads and whiteheads.

Inflammatory acne, which results in spots and larger lesions, is the second type. It is caused by a bacterium naturally present in the skin proliferating in an oxygen-deprived environment. In turn, this proliferation creates substances which cause inflammation and spread to the skin’s underlying layers.

By far the most common type of acne is a form of acne in which inflammatory and retentional lesions coexist. It is called mixed acne, and it affects nearly 60% of all acne patients.

A common thread between the different types of acne is the body’s predisposition to overproduce sebum, especially in times of hormonal changes such as during puberty or stressful periods. This causes a higher tendency for pores to get blocked with dead skin cells that stick around due to the oiliness present.

A gentle approach to acne is always the best way of dealing with it. Here are a few tips:

– Wash/cleanse the skin daily with a product formulated for oily skin
– Use an anti-acne skincare product that exfoliates the skin daily
– Ensure you use makeup that is non-comedogenic
– Scrub once weekly with a gentle facial scrub
– Stay out of the sun
– Keep facial touching to a minimum
– Refrain from squeezing spots
– Consult a dermatologist who may prescribe medicines designed to treat acne should your case be particularly severe or persistent.

How can La Roche-Posay help you with your approach to acne?

With thousands of patients attesting to the efficacy and tolerance of La-Roche-Posay’s EFFACLAR products for oily and acne-prone skin, it is no wonder that even dermatologists make good use of them.

Effaclar Purifying Gel reduces oil while deeply cleaning the skin when used as a daily wash, while Effaclar Duo[+], has enhanced efficacy on active pimples and marks caused by acne. These products represent just a small part of this successful range.


You can obtain more info on the Effaclar range by consulting your pharmacist or contacting us.


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