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Dermatology & Aesthetics.

We bring the world’s leading quality brands, innovative products and high-tech equipment for use in dermatology and aesthetic practices. From top of the line laser & light based equipment, to imaging systems, Prohealth will help providing you the competitive edge

Our Range.

At Prohealth, we provide highly effective and safe top specialist dermatological equipment to help treat conditions like rosacea, broken veins, and acne scars, as well as for the removal of moles, warts, and so on, with an emphasis on safety and comfort.

The equipment we have available can also be used for a number of other services, such as Laser Hair Removal, Cryotherapy, and even Diathermy. With high quality names at our disposal, like Miramar Labs, Cynosure, Ellipse, ConMed, and many more, Prohealth offers the very best in dermatological treatment.

Our Brands.


Cynosure is a company that develops, manufactures, and distributes its various light-based aesthetic and medical treatment systems to over 60 countries.

The company started out by providing a number of different treatment applications, such as hair removal, skin revitalization, and scar reduction, as well as treatment of vascular lesions.

Today, Cynosure provides aid to a large number of physicians and aesthetics business owners, so that they can make use of the unique, ever-growing opportunities currently available within the aesthetics sector.

Cynosure (Int)

Founded and based in Denmark, Ellipse have an international reputation as being leading providers in Intense Pulsed Light (I2PL) Technology, and advanced laser treatment. Their areas of expertise include pigmented lesions and sun-damaged skin, vascular lesions, hair removal, wrinkle reduction, acne treatment, and more recently onychomycosis, and acne scar removal.

Working closely with leading dermatologists and research institutions, they are well-known for their high quality products and customer support, with thousands of users, and a large library of clinical articles documenting how safe and effective Ellipse products are in clinical dermatology practice.

Ellipse (Int)

i2M Labs is a French product development company specialized in iontophoresis devices to treat hyperhidrosis (excessive perspiration of the hands, feet, and underarms).

Thanks to its rigorous research programs, i2M has contributed in establishing iontophoresis, as an efficient and medically recognized treatment for hyperhidrosis, be it with professional devices such as the Idrostar Pro Pulse for hospitals and clinics or with home therapy devices, such as the portable Idrostar. All i2M devices are manufactured to the highest European standards with CE mark.

i2m Labs (Spain)

Miramar Labs is a global medical device company dedicated to bringing the next generation energy modality to the field of dermatology. Supported by rigorous clinical research, Miramar Labs is focused on addressing aesthetic medical conditions for which there are significant unmet clinical needs. The company’s first priority is to use its proprietary miraWave™ technology platform. miraWave™ harnesses the unique benefits of microwave energy to treat dermatologic conditions such as axillary sweat and hair of all colors.

The company’s first commercial product, miraDry®, utilizes precisely controlled microwave energy to to permanently eliminate axillary sweating for patients of all skin types. Since receiving CE Mark approval in December 2013 following US FDA clearance in January 2011, miraDry has shown quick adoption with distribution in major markets such as the US, Europe, Asia and Latin America.

It was during initial clinical studies with miraDry, that a significant reduction in underarm hair of all colors was observed following a treatment. In July 2015, miraDry received clearance from the FDA for the permanent reduction of underarm hair of all colors. With this regulatory milestone, the company introduced miraSmooth™ as the only procedure FDA cleared to provide the dual benefit of permanent underarm hair reduction and elimination of underarm sweat in one treatment.

Miramar Labs (Int)

With 40 years of expertise under its belt, Zimmer Aesthetics, based in Germany, is now one of the leading European manufacturers in the field particularly thanks to its renowned Z-Cryo platforms. These devices emit cool air providing the highest in patient comfort during laser surgical procedures, IPL treatments, and injections.

The Cryo 6 is today the undisputed gold standard worldwide in cold air devices. Created to minimize pain and even thermal injuries throughout laser and dermatological treatments, it also provides temporary topical anaesthetic relief during injections. The Cryo Mini is a smaller, ready-to-use device capable of going down to temperatures up to -10°C. This cold air system was purposely designed to cater for shorter, less painful treatments.

The Cryo 6 and Cryo Mini are unlike any other cooling method, as they can cool the epidermis before, during, and after laser, without ever interfering with the laser beam, thereby reducing patients’ sensitivity to pain during aesthetic treatments.

Zimmer Aesthetics (Int)

Founded in Belgium in 1990, Euromi specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of plastic surgery, medical, and dermatological products.

Euromi developed and produced the revolutionary EVA sp-vibrolipo systems for mechanical liposuction. Guaranteeing quality and safety, advantages of the patented N.I.L. in the EVA sp-machines are less bruising, less oedemas, smoother skin, shorter post-operative recovery, and the ability to treat any area on the body, including the most delicate.

Euromi does its utmost to provide cutting edge products, aiming for the absolute best when it comes to customer satisfaction, particularly in terms of safety.

The company has distributors in over 50 countries worldwide.

Euromi (Int)

Since its inception in Connecticut, USA, in 1966, Brymill set the industry standard for hand-held liquid nitrogen cryosurgical and cryospray products, particularly with the Cry-Ac® and Cry-Ac®-3 handheld devices used by dermatologists, physicians, and veterinarians worldwide.

Offering the utmost in safety measures, versatility, and control, Brymill’s precise and effective controlled application of Liquid Nitrogen is effective in the treatment of a variety of skin lesions, including warts, lentigines, skin tags, and much more. Brymill adheres to stringent FDA and other international standards in all its products that also include storage dewars and other cryotherapy accessories.

Brymill (Int)

CONMED is a global medical technology company that specializes in the development and sale of surgical and patient monitoring products that are recognized as technological leaders by the specialties they serve. Health Care Professionals within the Orthopedic, Sports Medicine, General Surgery, Dermatology, Gynecology, Gastroenterology, Pulmonology, and Anesthesiology markets have come to value the CONMED name across the world.

For Over 75 Years, the Hyfrecator® Has Been a Top Choice by Physicians for Clinic or Office-Based Electrosurgery . The Hyfrecator® is a multi-function electrosurgical generator with both monopolar and bipolar modes. Dermatologists and physicians ALIKE, experience simple use, precise tissue therapy, and years of safe, reliable operation with the Hyfrecator®.

Conmed (Int)

For over 50 years, MEDlight has applied its industry-leading experience in medical light technology to innovative treatment solutions. Founded in Germany in 1957, MEDlight has grown from a small family business into an industry leading expert in this specialized field. Its broad product portfolio is unmatched in scope and quality to cover the needs for a great variety of indications and treatment scenarios. Effectiveness and safety are the core principles of product development, with special attention paid to ergonomics and ease of use.

Today, MEDlight is identified as one of the leading specialists for safe and non-invasive medical light treatments. Its high-performance UV Phototherapy full body cabins, and devices for localized treatments such as the N-line series, offer narrow-band UVB and UVA treatments for dermatological conditions such as psoriasis, vitiligo and atopic dermatitis. The renowned Beam Pro Series with LED lamps is the most technologically advanced Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) line available today, and is widely used to treat actinic keratosis and a variety of skin cancers. MEDlight also produces Wood lamps and other light-based diagnostic devices useful in any dermatology practice.

With over 60 international partners, the quality of MEDlight’s German workmanship has gained worldwide respect. All products are the result of extensive research, years of experience, and close cooperation with national and international experts. Devices have been put to the test in practices all over the world, giving MEDlight the experience to meet the requirements and challenges of modern dermatology.

MEDlight (Int)
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