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The human microbiome is still not yet fully understood by scientists, however it’s believed to be important for many basic life processes. But what is it exactly? It’s basically trillions of microbes living in and on our bodies, with the number and diversity of all these bacteria far outnumbering our human cells!!

Today we know the microbiome plays a huge part in our health and wellbeing, especially when it comes to maintaining our immune system, helping with food digestion and defending us against illness.

A unique environment that forms part of the microbiome is our skin, and since our skin interacts with the outside environment, it is home to millions of bacteria -some friendly and some less so. Thanks to its structure and army of friendly bacteria, our skin is our body’s first line of defense. When the immune system and the microbiome system are not in sync, skin problems can arise. These vary from simple infections to more chronic and problematic conditions such as eczema.

A combination of dry skin that weakens the skin’s physical barrier, immune system glitches and imbalances in the numbers and types of different bacteria on the skin all contribute to the development of eczema. For more than 25 years, La Roche-Posay has been working to improve the lives of patients with this condition, and in recent years, their research has been focused on the microbiome’s role in eczema, as well as finding ways to modify it. The initial discoveries proved very interesting because patients with eczema had significant microbiome differences when compared to healthy patients. In addition, eczema-prone patches of skin had different microbes when compared to healthy skin areas.

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The end result of this research showed a strong microbiome imbalance exists in patients with eczema, so the next step was to find a way to try and re-balance the microbiome in these patients. This was achieved with La Roche-Posay’s new ingredient – Aqua Posae Filifromis. Derived from a bacterium itself, this very high-tech ingredient is incorporated into new LIPIKAR BAUME AP+ which replenishes dry skin, soothes itching and, thanks to its effect on the skin’s microbiome, reduces eczema flare-ups.

LIPIKAR BAUME AP+ is available in all pharmacies in Malta and Gozo.