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The pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus has driven the global economy into a halt, forcing companies and organisations to reckon the overwhelming power of infectious diseases. Forced lockdowns and home isolation have revealed to us how important our surroundings are for our health and well-being. Coming out of this first wave of infections, the world is going into the NEW NORMAL, which will probably take us into the next 12-18 months, therefore companies need to think on how to Minimize Risks at the Work Place by adopting a framework of mechanisms to combat COVID-19 in their buildings and daily operations.

Prohealth has launched a new service assisting organisations in the planning and implementation of these measures. Our team of experts in infection control and disinfection will be giving clear evidence-based; at the same time cost-effective advise in line with guidelines issued by local health authorities, helping organisations adapt in the NEW NORMAL.

Implementation of such measures will:

  • Safeguard yourself from client or employee liability: Evidence that you were following recommended safety protocols will significantly strengthen your case in the unfortunate eventuality of liability claims made by clients or employees.
  • Avoid wasting time: Protocols and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) can be time consuming to draft and prepare. 
  • Cost Saving: Lack of expertise will make people buy products which they do not need and introduce unnecessary protocols. Our team of experts will help organisations choose the right products and protocols according to their specific needs.   
  • Better customer satisfaction: Clients walking into the building will see that organisations are taking the NEW NORMAL seriously, hence will feel safer coming in. 
  • Professional Image/Goodwill: adopting a professional evidence-based approach to the NEW NORMAL will help upgrade the organisation’s image to the public.
  • Employee gratification: Like clients, employees will feel safer at work and will be less anxious, resulting in less absenteeism

Organisations are welcome to make use of a FREE 40-minute online call with one of our experts. We will send a short online questionnaire to fill before the call for us to be able to better prepare for the specific needs of the business or organisation. To make your appointment, please send us an email on