COVID-19 Infection Control Auditing & Consultancy

The New Normal

COVID-19 has driven the global economy to a halt, forcing companies and organisations to reckon the overwhelming power of infectious diseases. Forced lockdowns and home isolation have revealed to us how important our surroundings are for our health and well-being. Coming out of this first wave of infections, the world is going into the NEW NORMAL, which will probably take us into the next 12 to 18 months, therefore companies need to think on how to Minimize Risks at the Work Place by adopting a framework of mechanisms to combat COVID-19 in their buildings and daily operations. Having such mechanisms in place will directly impact employees’ & customers’ health and satisfaction, resulting in improved business performance offering a cutting edge on other industry competitors. Employers are obliged to train their employees through this learning curve, and equip them with the right knowledge to adapt to this new way of working.


40 hours retainer package

A 40 hours retainer package, giving your business the opportunity to receive support over a prolonged period of time. The retainer package includes within it; the auditing of buildings, the implementation of a risk assessments, the provision of site audit reports, the drafting of tailor-made guidelines and standard operating procedures [SOP], besides the necessary training for employees.

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Site audit and report package

Allow us to support you with a site audit risk assessment. Safeguard yourself from client or employee liability, evidence that you were following recommended safety protocols will significantly strengthen your case in the unfortunate eventuality of liability claims made by clients or employees. Moreover, adopting a professional evidence-based approach to the new normal will help strengthen your organisation’s image to not just your employees but also the general public.

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Guidelines & SOP package

This package allows us to draft tailor-maid guidelines and SOPs depending on your company’s needs. Drafting of such protocols can be very time consuming, we can help you draft these quickly and in a timely manner. Through these guidelines and SOPs we are able to provide you with the expertise to implement the necessary measures for your company and help you with choosing the right products that are needed to clean and disinfect. Without this knowledge certain unnecessary expenses may be introduced.

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Training package

Through this package you will be able to equip your employees with the right knowledge to succeed in this new learning curve and new adaptation of work life. Providing your personnel with the right equipment is not enough, you need them to use these products and follow certain procedures in a cost-effective and successful manner to guarantee business continuity.

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These services are individually tailored to every company’s needs. One may opt to request a single service or multiple services in accordance to the needs of the entity. Such packages are charged at an ‘hourly fee’.