Corporate Social Responsibility

Giving back to society by improving general wellbeing

Giving back to the community

Wellbeing has always been central to Prohealth’s activities. Not only with its products and brands, but also working in a professional, ethical and sustainable manner, and by taking responsibility for our actions towards society and the environment.

By adopting sound business practices, with clearly-defined roles and expectations for internal and external stakeholders, we focus on making a meaningful difference in the way we perform our day-to-day business. Within this context, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plays an important role in defining our contribution within society.

Through our CSR programme, we recognise our duty as a responsible business that takes a proactive approach to improve the lives of customers, clients, suppliers, our employees and shareholders and, ultimately, society as a whole.

The environment and social wellbeing, with a focus on children and youth, are close to our heart and align with our company’s broader vision for a holistic approach towards health and healthcare.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Protecting and Preserving our Marine Ecosystem

All life on Earth, including humanity, depends on the oceans. To ensure a sustainable future, we must protect and preserve healthy marine ecosystems. In 2019, Prohealth joined forces with eNGO…
Corporate Social Responsibility

Land and Sea Clean-Up at Ċirkewwa

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility focus, Prohealth has been committed to and will continue to embark on initiatives that help safeguard our environment. Internally, a number of projects…
karl vella foundationCorporate Social Responsibility

Prohealth donates to Karl Vella Foundation

Ever since 2019, as part of its CSR drive, Prohealth Ltd has been closely collaborating with the Karl Vella Foundation (KVF). This is an NGO set up in 2014 and…