It is our mission to deliver success, ensuring optimal oral health care, smile after smile

Our Range

Whether you are 80 or 8, your oral health is important. Dental health is an essential component of our personal hygiene, but it is often taken for granted. Along with regular dentist appointments, it is imperative that we use good, effective oral hygiene products to help prevent cavities and other dental diseases.

Prohealth’s Oral Health department consists of a number of Laboratorios KIN products, namely: KIN Gingival, Cariax Gingival, Perio KIN, KIN B5, KIN Care, Sensi KIN, KIN Whitening, and Fluorkin.

Since 1964, Laboratorios KIN’s commitment to the research and development of oral care has led to constant improvements in the products it markets. It is therefore no wonder that today, Laboratorios KIN boasts the widest range of oral care products worldwide while being leaders in the field. Healthy Smiles is the motto of Laboratorios KIN, and its line of activity is always directed towards dentists and pharmacists who prescribe and recommend these products to patients needing proper dental healthcare.

In line with Laboratorios KIN’s commitment towards international expansion, in 2002 Prohealth entered the dental market when it introduced KIN products to Malta. Today, KIN is the leading brand prescribed by dentists locally.

Owing to the success of our efforts, KIN entrusted Prohealth with an extension of territory to include Libya in 2004. Once again, our efforts have ensured that KIN is the leading brand prescribed by dentists, even in Libya.

Such is the excellent rapport between Laboratorios KIN and Prohealth that we have been entrusted with other developing African markets.