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As part of Prohealth’s CSR initiatives, we have been focusing our efforts on wellbeing and the environment. 

Our healthcare workers have been at the forefront of this pandemic for fourteen months. Even as the number of COVID-19 cases decline, the workload for our frontline health workers is likely to remain high as the health system begins to shift to healthcare that was unavailable or underutilized during the pandemic. 

Amongst the many issues that frontline health workers face are dry hands as a result of the constant washing and application of alcohol disinfectants. Another common problem is maskne. Maskne, also known as mask acne, is characterized by acne flare-ups caused by the constant use of face masks and shields. 

Prohealth is attempting to alleviate these negative effects on the skin, in solidarity with and in support of our healthcare front liners. This is being done by donating either a Vichy Purete Thermal Fresh Cleansing Gel for acne flare-ups caused by maskne or a La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Baume B5 for those experiencing dry hands.

Vichy Laboratoires and La Roche Posay are market leaders in dermo-cosmetics with their roots cemented in improving the quality of life of people and their skin. Prohealth is currently in its 26th year of operation with grassroots in pharmaceuticals dermo-cosmetics, medical devices, and other healthcare products both locally and in foreign markets.