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You’ve noticed that your hair has lost some of its natural mass but you’re not sure why? We explain all about the difference between hair loss and hair mass decrease.

Hair loss and hair thinning – also known as hair mass decrease – may seem like two sides of the same coin, but it’s important to make the distinction when looking to understand your haircare problems. Whether you suffer from hair that’s falling out, or strands that are experiencing reduced thickness and quality, the solution lies in improving your hair’s strength, resistance and overall health for an optimum growth cycle.

Hair loss


In medical terms, hair loss deals with a reduction in the number of hairs attached to the scalp, qualified as over 100 hairs lost per day. As a result, the quantity of the hair is significantly impacted. Hair loss occurs as a result of certain factors that affect the hair’s life cycle, considerably shortening hair growth. On average, the hair’s life cycle lasts a year or less before the follicle detaches, preventing hair from growing past a certain length.

When it comes to factors responsible for hair loss, genetics has a role to play in the majority of cases, with men more likely to suffer than women. However, hormones can also have a role to play, with many women reporting a phenomenon of sudden hair loss shortly after giving birth. Other factors that can affect hair loss include stress, fatigue and diet, as well as ‘classic’ exposome factors such as pollution and tobacco.

Hair mass decrease

Hair Mass Decrease

While hair loss can be prolonged or take place over a short space of time, hair thinning – also described as hair mass decrease – is generally felt more gradually. Vichy’s experts have identified two main causes of hair mass decrease: physiological hair ageing, resulting in fewer, smaller and weaker hair follicles, and damage linked to external aggressions. Visible symptoms of hair mass decrease commonly include thinner hair fibers, reduced hair density, and weaker or more fragile hair that lacks volume and is prone to breakage. Women often notice a decrease in hair mass as their ponytails start to feel less voluminous.

Although hair may fall out, it’s the quality, thickness and health of the remaining hair follicles that give the impression of thinner hair. Following a tailored haircare regime designed to strengthen and reinforce existing hair fibres, such as Vichy Dercos Densi Solutions, can help, as can paying attention to your hairstyle and hair care techniques.

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