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Noticed your ponytail becoming thinner lately? As part of our series on hair loss and hair thinning, Vichy explains all about hair mass, as well as how Dercos Densi Solutions works to thicken and strengthen hair.

What is hair mass?

Different from volume or thickness, hair mass is determined by three principal factors – the number of individual hairs, the thickness of each strand, and their overall resistance or strength. The ageing process, as well as exposure to environmental factors like UV rays, pollution, smoking and poor nutrition, can cause your hair mass to decrease, resulting in thinner-looking hair – without necessarily causing hair loss.

Elisa Simonpietri, Scientific Director at Vichy, explains: “Unlike hair loss, which affects the total number of individual hair strands, loss of hair mass affects both the quality and quantity of hair.” With thinning hair, the number of hairs is often reduced, but more noticeably, individual fibers are visibly thinner and more brittle. What’s more, while hair loss can occur in a short space of time, often as a result of stress or hormonal changes, hair thinning usually takes place as a result of ageing, with the effects visible over a period of years.

How does hair mass decrease in thinning hair?

Hair thinning can take place over a number of years, occurring via a series of successive stages. Initially, hair becomes noticeably less resistant to damage linked to brushing and styling, as well as more prone to breakage and split ends – although fine hair isn’t necessarily in poor condition. This reduction in hair mass makes the hair parting appear much more visible. Hair also feels thinner to the touch, with sparse patches tending to appear around the ears and temples. A reduction in hair mass is often particularly noticeable when hair is gathered up into a bun or ponytail.

Fortunately, Vichy Dercos Densi Solutions has been proven to significantly improve the thickness of the hair fiber, for thicker, more resistant hair. After 6 weeks of use, 88% of participants reported denser hair, with 96% noting increased strength and resistance when examining the hair fiber.[1]

[1] Consumer test. 138 women. 6 weeks of use of the full Densi Solutions Routine

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