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Babies cry when one or more of their needs aren’t being met. The thing is, many parents tend to focus on trying to interpret what each cry means rather than going the other way and trying to ensure their little one is happy as can be at all times.

What You Can Do

There are numerous things you can do to keep your baby as calm and as comfortable as possible. For a start, it helps if a parent does his or her utmost to remain calm around their baby, because although they haven’t graced the world with their presence for too long, they can pick up on cues and go on to replicate their parents’ behaviour.

Another thing which can help keep your baby happy and comfortable is the introduction and maintenance of a routine. Feeding, sleeping, bath and playtimes should all be kept consistent, allowing them to thrive.

Bodily Contact

Sufficient bodily contact will ensure your baby feels secure, calm and therefore comfortable. Bath and bedtime rituals, such as playing music, reading stories or even singing a song to your little one to show him or her that they are at the centre of your attention are all ways of heightening their level of calmness and comfort.

Stimulate His or Her Senses

Yet another point to consider with regard to making your little one feel comfortable is that his or her unease might come from the need for stimulation. Consider a short walk or a small car ride for a change of scenery. Of course, always ensure that he or she is surrounded by plenty of bright colours and patterns for satisfying all their requirements for sensory stimulation.

Frequent Nappy Changes

When tackling physical discomfort such as skin irritations, minor allergies, or even eczema flares, some of the best things you can do are ensuring that nappy changes are as frequent as they need to be, being as gentle as possible when cleansing your baby’s skin and minimising his or her exposure to humidity.

Skin irritations including eczema can be managed using La Roche-Posay’s hypoallergenic products, which are specially formulated for optimal comfort and maximum efficacy. Look out for the baby logo on products, such as Lipikar, Cicaplast, Anthelios and others that ensure a better life for your baby’s sensitive skin.