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Dandruff is the process of the scalp shedding dead skin cells. Although a small amount of flaking is to be expected by any person, it can be quite a nuisance for those who experience excessive amounts of flaking.

Flaking can also be accompanied by redness and irritation. Dandruff is quite a common scalp disorder, affecting almost a third of the population of post-pubertal age. The condition also tends to get worse for those who have it during the winter months.

Controlling Dandruff

There are numerous ways in which dandruff can be kept under control, with the primary one being the use of specialised hair shampoos with active ingredients proven to be effective to combat dandruff, such as Selenium Sulphide and Salicylic.

Other methods that can help to keep dandruff under control include using a humidifier at home during the winter months, which helps to put moisture back into the air. If possible, stress levels should also be reduced.

Dietary Changes

Dietary considerations should also be made. The intake of zinc, vitamin B and certain fats can go a long way to helping keep dandruff under control. Some recommended foods are cold-water fish, flax seeds, walnuts, eggs and leafy green vegetable. Dairy products should also be avoided.

Avoid Using Styling Products Excessively

Furthermore, using excessive amounts of styling products when suffering from dandruff is not recommended, because they can aggravate the problem.

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