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Liftactiv Supreme is a brand-new product, Vichy’s first Over-day and Long-term anti-ageing corrector for women with normal to combination and dry skin.

Vichy made a new scientific discovery, which inspired Liftactiv Supreme – your skin can actually be looking 4 months older from morning to evening. Skin is less radiant while wrinkles are more accentuated and saggy by the end of the day.

The Liftactiv Supreme Effect

Vichy’s Liftactiv Supreme effect on the skin is felt immediately on application thanks to 3D optical technology, which blurs imperfections while mattifying and illuminating the skin. Adenosine and caffeine are the ingredients that prevent Over-day ageing, keeping your skin smooth, firm and rested all day long. Another association of active ingredients is that of Rhamnose 5% and Neohesperidin to combat long-term ageing. Wrinkles are reduced and skin firmness is increased by 32%.

Diet and Exercise

There is no denying that exercise is one of the most important ways of maintaining health and longevity, and this extends to facial exercises which is also beneficial and gives you a healthier complexion. Your diet also plays an important role – eating foods rich in Omega 3 and 6 and drinking plenty of water can help greatly. Taking it easy when it comes to alcohol is also highly recommended.

Beware UV Rays

You’ll never hear this enough, but overexposure to UV rays can harm or age your skin. Heating, hot water and air conditioners can make your skin dehydrated and sensitive.

Sleep Well

Finally, a good night’s sleep can never go amiss if you want to do your very best to combat ageing – the more rest you get, the fresher you will look and the better you will feel. Aim to lie on your back with your face pointed upwards, and if you don’t have them already, consider purchasing silk or satin pillowcases which are gentler to your skin.

Ask your pharmacist for new Liftactiv Supreme by Vichy Laboratories.