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On the 27th and 28th of September, Laboratorios KIN was present at the first edition of the Mediterranean Dental Conference, organised by the Dental Association of Malta. The conference was the first of its kind to boast 8 different international speakers covering 7 different fields of dentistry. This event has reaped high interest among local dental surgeons due to the varied program and highly acclaimed speakers that were scheduled into the two-day event. A dental exhibition was held in the conference foyer by relevant participating suppliers. Laboratorios KIN and Prohealth participated in this event to show their support for the Dental Association of Malta and continued education in the dental profession. The event saw a high level of professional interaction, education and discussion outside the clinical setting.

PerioKIN - KIN Dental Conference

Laboratorios KIN took the opportunity of the conference to launch a new, highly innovative product, PerioKIN Hyaluronic 1% Gel. This is the first gel on the market to combine 0.2% Chlorhexidine with 1% of hyaluronic acid in a specifically adapted gel formula. This gel is highly applicable for a variety of dental procedures where a combination of antisepsis and the highest level of healing are required. The combination and strength of the specific ingredients in a highly mucoadhesive gel gives an unparalleled peace of mind to both dentists performing the specialised procedures and patients who desire a quick and complete recovery period alike. The conference was the perfect occasion to brief local dental surgeons on the use of the innovative PerioKIN Hyaluronic 1% gel as well as other products from the comprehensive Laboratorios KIN range that cover key issues encountered in daily practice.

Laboratorios Kin would like the thank the Dental Association of Malta for the invite to participate in such an important event for the dental field in Malta. We also look forward to consistently supporting the dental profession in future events to come.

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