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Whether you want to supply an outpatient clinic or an operating theatre, Prohealth can be your fast & efficient single supplier for all your consumable needs. Prohealth’s Medical Devices Business Unit prides itself on having a varied set of specialized partners in various aspects of healthcare. This in line with its commitment to providing good quality products for healthcare professionals, as well as high quality care to patients and customers.

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Companies like Medel in Audiology, Gama Healthcare and Vesismin in Infection Control and Rocket Medical in Interventional Radiology, Chest Drainage and Fertility Products are only a few of the international companies that have an established business relationship with Prohealth. Most of the companies represented play an important role when it comes to research and development in their respective healthcare areas, giving Prohealth’s product portfolio a competitive edge.

Gama Healthcare 2020

Gama Healthcare are specialists in the field of manufacturing and distributing quality infection control products, particularly wipes, for the healthcare industry.

The company developed its very first universal disinfectant wipe, called Clinell® Universal Wipes and made it available in the United Kingdom. From that moment on, Gama became one of the major suppliers of wet wipes to the NHS in the UK. It also exports its products to more than 40 countries across the globe.

Gama Healthcare runs a very active Research and Development department, which is dedicated to discovering and developing better, more innovative products, and to improve on their existing ones.

Their range of innovative products is testament to the success of this R&D, and also the market expertise and reputation of Gama in infection control issues.

Based in Innsbruck, Austria, Medel is the market leader for implantable hearing solutions with 30 years of research, commitment, and dedication to excellence under its belt.

MED-EL retains a strong traditional stance when it comes to the advancement of technological and scientific foundations in the field of hearing implants. Known for its innovative practices, the company boasts a wide range of products in order to be able to provide the most suitable hearing implant solution for each and every patient.

Rocket Medical, which was established in 1964, and with headquarters in North East England, has over 50 years of expertise in the medical field.

Having twice won the UK’s Best Factory Award for Innovation, this is a company that strives for new ideas, techniques, materials, and manufacturing processes with the aim to not only meet, but even exceed client and patient expectations.

Rocket Medical’s main focus is the single use of medical devices in the fields of Chest Drainage, Reproductive Medicine, Obstetrics, and Diagnostic Medicine.

Thanks to its strict regulation requirements, its dedication to continuously providing education, training, and development to its employees, as well as its plans to invest for the future, and its ethical approach, Rocket Medical provides high-quality, innovative solutions.

Established in Oxford, UK in 1943Penlon manufactures anaesthesia, oxygen therapy, suction, medical rail products for use in theatres, A&E and throughout the hospital. It has a global distribution and service network making it one of the best in class providers of capital equipment for anaesthesia. “Partnership for life” is a philosophy that embraces Penlon’s commitment to long-term relationships with customers around the world. Such philosophy is reflected in continual liaison with anaesthetists and members of the medical research community around the world ensuring that the company’s development programmes reflect the latest trends in anaesthesia.

Cynosure is a company that develops, manufactures, and distributes its various light-based aesthetic and medical treatment systems to over 60 countries.

The company started out by providing a number of different treatment applications, such as hair removal, skin revitalization, and scar reduction, as well as treatment of vascular lesions.

Today, Cynosure provides aid to a large number of physicians and aesthetics business owners, so that they can make use of the unique, ever-growing opportunities currently available within the aesthetics sector.

Since its inception in Connecticut, USA, in 1966, Brymill set the industry standard for hand-held liquid nitrogen cryosurgical and cryospray products, particularly with the Cry-Ac® and Cry-Ac®-3 handheld devices used by dermatologists, physicians, and veterinarians worldwide.

Offering the utmost in safety measures, versatility, and control, Brymill’s precise and effective controlled application of Liquid Nitrogen is effective in the treatment of a variety of skin lesions, including warts, lentigines, skin tags, and much more. Brymill adheres to stringent FDA and other international standards in all its products that also include storage dewars and other cryotherapy accessories.


HEINE was established in1946 by Helmut A. His vision was to build the highest quality diagnostic instruments available in the world. He was convinced, the only way to achieve the most reliable diagnosis at the earliest possible stage, was by using the very best quality diagnostic instruments.

HEINE’s commitment to its customers is quality and precise diagnostic performance in all products, together with unique functionality and long-lasting durability of HEINE instruments.

As a global leader in the manufacture of primary diagnostic instruments with over 500 employees, HEINE Optotechnik instruments are developed and manufactured in Germany, with combined decades-long experience and craftsmanship with the most modern manufacturing technologies.

HEINE is represented in over 120 countries around the world, with subsidiaries in Australia, the US and Switzerland as well as 3,000 representatives, importers and specialist dealers.

Vesismin Health was established more than 15 years ago as a company dedicated to the development and promotion of innovative disinfection products, with special focus and specialization in infection control within the healthcare field.

Our expertise and continuous learning, always shared with our customers, have driven us to grow and evolve until what we are now: a professional team 100% involved in daily fight against nosocomial infections.

Bring innovation, quality and safety to each of our products is at the very heart of our organization. As a company of the health sector, our aim is to move forward contributing to prevent infections while improving conditions for patients and professionals.

Helapet Logo

Established in 1984, Helapet is a reputable manufacturer and distributor of high quality medical and cleanroom consumables, serving several core markets including hospital pharmacy, pharmaceutical manufacturing, laboratory and veterinary environments. For over 30 years, Helapet has delivered a diverse and innovative range of sterile and non-sterile products, supporting critical environment activities across all areas of aseptic manufacturing and healthcare provision.

MIR – Medical International Research is a global medical device and software company founded in 1993, and today is present in more than 100 countries worldwide. For more than 25 years, MIR have been internationally recognised for the numerous innovations and advancements in three different market areas: Spirometry, Oximetry and Remote Patient Monitoring.

MIR is making its most innovative technology available to healthcare professionals and their patients in the pneumology sector by pairing a series of new, reliable, and ready to use smartphone compatible devices with its professional line of products to help facilitate more comprehensive personal health monitoring.

MIR Product Catalogue

Established since 1840, SECA are the world market leaders in providing an outstanding line of measuring and weighing instruments exclusively to the medical industry– with excessive aspirations, attempting to come as close to perfection as possible everyday.

If you’ve been to a doctors office anytime in the past few years, you’ve probably seen the Seca 700 physician scale with height rod.