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Our aim is to identify NGOs that in some way address a health issue with special attention paid to children and youth. Obviously, when we talk about health, we are looking at both physical and mental issues.

One such NGO with whom Prohealth has decided to partner over the coming years is The Karl Vella Foundation (KVF). This is a voluntary non-profit making organisation run by volunteers who are seeking to follow the example set by Karl Vella himself, who sought to continue helping others even when his own health was failing. Their mission is to provide educational and psychological assistance to children in families disrupted by illness. This means those healthy children who, due to a serious illness in the family, are left to cope with everyday life – very much on their own. Needless to say, support (of all aspects) and the promotion of the awareness and general education regarding the existence and needs of such children, are also very high on the agenda of KVF’s role in Maltese society.

Prohealth has teamed up with KVF by sponsoring and investing in a number of initiatives and equipment needed by these children. Clearly, we will continue to do so in the coming years.

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