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As a companywide initiative, every year we give back to the community by donating and helping in any way possible towards NGOs and charitable associations. To name a few: Little Sisters of the Poor, St. Patrick’s Salesian School, Smiling with Jerome, Hospice Malta, Richmond Foundation, Qalb it- Tfal, and Inspire.

This year we are very proud to announce our 3rd donation towards Hospice Malta with a total of €800. Other several donations during this year have been made towards St. Patrick’s Salesian School (€1000) and Richmond Foundation (€1000).

Kurt Griscti and Maria Tanti handing out the 3rd donation of the year to Anabel Spiteri on behalf of Hospice Malta

Hospice Malta is an NGO providing free of charge patient-centred palliative care for over 1000 patients and their families. Their mission statement reads “Hospice Malta is a voluntary organisation inspired by Christian values. It exists to provide and promote the highest standards of Palliative care for persons with cancer, motor neurone disease, end of life respiratory, cardiac, renal and liver disease. It also aims to help and support their families”.

Armed with a team of caring individuals, Hospice Malta provides a multidisciplinary approach towards palliative care to patients by maximising their quality of life and dignity throughout their illness. To mention a few of their services, they provide home care, day therapy, hydrotherapy, respite care, after hours on-call support, etc.

Being an NGO, Hospice Malta relies on the skills and abilities of volunteers and their efforts that span across the care services they provide, administrative work and fundraising planning and organising of events.

Every little counts! We encourage everyone to donate whatever they can to such a great cause by following this link

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