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Ever since 2019, as part of its CSR drive, Prohealth Ltd has been closely collaborating with the Karl Vella Foundation (KVF). This is an NGO set up in 2014 and is based behind the President’s Palace in San Anton Gardens. KVF started off primarily by providing educational and psychological support to children disrupted by the loss or illness of a family member. Over the years, it has expanded its support offerings considerably.

Prior to Covid, amongst other initiatives, Prohealth helped upgrade the kitchen facilities and the installation of a fire alarm within the KVF premises. Covid brought much disruption to the physical activities due to preventive measures taken. Most of the support went on-line. Now that the measures have been removed, KVF is practically back to pre-Covid activity and has expanded considerably its programmes.

One of the new programmes is Little Dragons. This caters for children aged 10 – 12 years old. This year Prohealth has sponsored the programme which aims to empower children going through difficult experiences using the principles found in the art of Kung Fu. The programme encourages and makes use of somatic practice, to enhance the children’s inner resources and intrapersonal skills such as resilience, motivation, assertiveness, and positivity. The last part of the session is dedicated to meditation where students learn how to return to, and remain in, the present moment – anchoring themselves in the here and now, connecting to self and others.

Prohealth will continue to partner the Karl Vella Foundation in its efforts to support children and family members to overcome the big difficulties they are facing due to illness in the family.

On 25th May, director John Jaccarini who heads the CSR committee of Prohealth Ltd., presented the cheque to Claire Chircop as co-founder and chairperson of Karl Vella Foundation.