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“Improving Lives Together was the theme of Prohealth‘s 2022 Summer Event for Malta and Gozo’s retail Pharmacies, held last Wednesday 31st of August. More than 300 pharmacists, and sales assistants attended the event, held at Xara Lodge, Rabat, together with a sizable number of “hosting” Prohealth employees.

Peter Apap, Prohealth‘s CEO and co-founder welcomed the guests, thanking them for their outstanding contribution to the local community during the recent pandemic, and for their continued loyal support to Prohealth. “It has been a truly challenging couple of years for you and for us, but it’s great to have got through it together and to have the opportunity to catch-up and enjoy each other’s company again this evening!”

The event focused on some of Prohealth‘s main brands including dermo-cosmetics La Roche-Posay, VICHY, and CeraVe, as well as recently launched probiotic brand Pro-Ven. A number of highly informative scientific talks were delivered by local Key Opinion Leader Medical Specialists. Topics addressed ranged from “Skin barrier function in health and disease”, “Skin lesions and rashes”, and the “Impact of severe childhood eczema on family life”, to the “Pharmacist’s role in IBS”, and “Skin ageing and its treatment over the years .

The different brands and their teams showcased their respective range of products throughout, while discussing their products with guests, who gladly participated in more light-hearted games with a variety of prizes won, on what was a truly memorable and enjoyable evening for all.