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Who are Inspire and What They Do

The Inspire Foundation has years of experience in providing care and improving the quality of life of people with all types of disability, in areas such as Autism. Their mission statement reads, “Our vision is to see a greater inclusion of persons with disabilities in the wider community. Our mission is to empower individuals to reach their fullest potential, create opportunities and change attitudes in our society to achieve our vision.”

They help 1000+ individuals with learning and physical disabilities reach their fullest potential. Through a dedicated team of individuals, they offer full or heavily subsidised services such as specialised educational sessions, therapeutic sessions, multisensory treatments and much more.

National Autism Awareness Month

Autism is a pervasive developmental disorder that involves abnormal development and function of the brain. People with autism show decreased social communication skills and restricted or repetitive patterns of behaviours or interests.

Inspire Foundation believes that everyone has the right to equality and inclusion, they provide support through specialised programmes and services to children and adults alike on the Autism Spectrum daily. As part of their on-going efforts, through the month of April, which is National Autism Awareness Month, which aims at increasing awareness and acceptance of autism, Inspire Foundation have created a series of activities, articles and media appearances, during which Inspire representatives, experts and parents will be sharing their knowledge and experience to raise more awareness

A Small Donation Goes Along Way

Throughout the month of April, Inspire Foundation urged people and organisations to turn the world blue, by wearing items of clothing that are blue, lighting homes and workplaces in blue and to give a small donation of €5. As a token of their appreciation, they gave a keepsake in the form of a ribbon to be worn by employees.

Here at Prohealth, to promote National Autism Awareness Month we encouraged all employees to dress down and wear blue and a donation totalling €500 was made in honour of Inspire’s ongoing support and outstanding service to individuals who are autistic.

Autism Awareness Month Prohealth Staff

Prohealth team supporting National Autism Awareness Month

How You Can Help

Inspire highly depends on any form of voluntary contributions as they require to raise more than €3 million a year to keep running smoothly. You can help by either by becoming a volunteer and help in admin work, as support staff or help organise fundraising events. One other way is to help Inspire raise funds either by sending in a onetime monetary donation via SMS or online payment or set-up a monthly recurring donation.

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