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Thick or thin. curly or straight. Brunette, blonde or redhead. Hair.

We run our hands through it, tie it up, dye it in different colours, put plenty of different products to make it stay in place, style it all the time…but are we treating our hair well?

Most areas on the body can be compared to various items we come across in everyday life. Hair can be compared to the roof of a house. Every single hair on our head is protected by a cuticle, much like the tiles on a roof, held together with ‘cement’ consisting of fats and proteins. When the cement is in tiptop condition our hair feels soft and smooth.

Below the surface of the scalp is the cortex, which makes sure our hair stays on our head. It ensures our hair is strong. One out of every four women has complained about having dry hair. The most obvious routines damaging your hair are straightenings, colouring and frosting.

A healthy diet is important and we should, keep red meat in our diet. Your hair will thank you for this, as it is a good source of keratin. Same goes for shellfish, milk and egg yolks (but like everything else, it should be consumed in moderation). Further more, supplement your diet by using products that are enriched with ingredients to nourish and protect your hair. Dercos Nutri Repair shampoo and conditioner come in to help treat your dry hair and bring back that luscious shine and natural bounce.

Dercos Nourishing cream shampoo enriched with Keratino-complex and 3 natural plant oils help to intensely nourish and protect the hair fibre.

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Dercos Nourishing cream conditioner, a creamy fluid infused with the gentle fragrance of soft almond and shea provide a luxurious experience. Apply after Dercos Nourishing shampoo on towel-dried hair. Leave for 1 minute before rinsing.

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Like many great partnerships; Peanut butter and jelly, salt and pepper, Dercos Nutri Repair Shampoo and conditioner reap the best results when used together.

Vichy products are available from your nearest pharmacy across the Maltese islands, and if you would like some more information on Vichy products click here to send us an email or follow this link for Dercos’ solution for dry/damaged hair and subscribe to receive free Dercos samples.