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Prohealth gives utmost priority to the welfare of its customers, staff and ultimately to your patients. We are tackling COVID-19 with the same values and even greater attention to detail than usual. Prohealth has adopted stringent guidelines and implemented policies within the company, to assure continued service to you, our pharmacies as well as public hospitals and care homes. In anticipation, some weeks ago we appointed a temporary COVID-19 company officer, Ms May Schembri, to oversee our processes from an Infection Control perspective. May is a nurse with years of experience working within the oncology field knowledgeable in infection control matters due to the nature of the patients she cared for and the strict policies within the oncology setting. Within Prohealth, she had been handling GAMA’s Clinell Infection Control portfolio on a day-to-day basis for some time. She is currently focused on overseeing and implementing measures to ensure that service from Prohealth is safe and adequate.

All staff is provided with necessary hand and surface disinfection tools and Personal Protective Equipment. Prohealth is also constantly updating its policies in line with the latest recommendations being issued by the local Health Authorities and Infection Control Unit.

Below please find the policies we have put into effect for all our sales and delivery persons as instructed:

  • Sanitise delivery van and car keys before and after use.
  • Sanitise vans and cars (handles, gear knobs, steering wheel, internal door) before & after use.
  • Delivery/Salesperson applies hand sanitiser before walking into each pharmacy.
  • Delivery/Salesperson delivers the order, hands over the invoice to be signed, striving to keep a meter distance between themselves and the pharmacist.
  • INVOICE ONLY: The pharmacist signs the invoice. Hands over the invoice back to delivery/salesperson, they apply hand sanitiser before leaving the pharmacy, walk to the van, put the invoice in a larger envelope, apply hand sanitiser before continuing onto the next order or driving.
  • CASH SALE: If the order is a cash sale, money is counted by the pharmacist. Delivery/Salesperson holds open the envelope for the pharmacist and asks them to drop the money in the envelope and pharmacist stamps Pharmacy name. This envelope is sealed and given to the delivery/salesperson. Delivery/Salesperson goes to the van, drops the sealed envelope in either a wipeable plastic box, or a larger outer envelope that will store all the cash sales in it. Delivery/Salesperson applies hand sanitiser again before continuing onto the next order or driving.
  • EXPIRIES: In case of expiries, delivery/salesperson puts them in a box rather than carry them in hands. Delivery/Salesperson strives to avoid holding such items close to them and their clothes. Box is taken back of the van, delivery/salesperson applies hand sanitiser before continuing onto the next order or driving.
  • Delivery/Salesperson drops off the invoices and cash at our offices/stores, with the least possible contact and interaction. Then handed over to Stores Manager.
  • Delivery/Salesperson drops off expiries at our offices/stores, again with the least possible contact and interaction. A designated quarantine area is allocated for such items.
  • All items are then only processed 2 days later, reducing the chances of virus transmission internally.

IMPORTANTLY to safeguard the continuity of our service to you as best possible, our staff members irrespective of their usual job positions, have been split into 2 Essential Services Teams, working 3-days shifts each. Members of Team 1 and Team 2 are never in our offices or stores together and contact outside work is strictly prohibited. In the unfortunate eventuality, that one of our team’s members is exposed to, or infected with COVID-19, we will be in a position to have a second team continue our services uninterrupted. Both teams also have a number of reserve service personnel, who are currently working from home, also ready to contribute as needed.

All of us at Prohealth would like to thank you for the great job you are doing despite the extremely difficult circumstances that you are facing. Keep safe, we are at your disposal for any further clarification.

Peter Apap

Chief Executive Officer