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Healthy skin is something we all desire but is this possible with all the factors damaging our skin on a daily basis? This doesn’t mean you have to give up on having healthy skin.

Around the globe, people from all walks of life live together in communities and the same can be said of the bacteria on your skin. Over 7 billion microorganisms live on the skin in what is called a microbiome. The bacteria within the microbiome looks after your skin.

However, when there is a lack of diversity in this community, your skin suffers. The most common skin problem that most of us can identify with is dry skin.

Follow La Roche-Posay’s six helpful tips, to help restore the balance your skin needs:

Skin Balance Restoration Tips

1. Understand what makes your skin dry. Just as much as you need water to stay hydrated, your skin needs it too. Along with water, skin needs lipids. Lipids are fatty substances (not the type you eat), which help keep the skin supple and soft.

2. An imbalance in the skin’s defenses can lead to Atopic Dermatitis (eczema), which is as pleasant as it sounds. Itchy, red inflamed areas of your skin. La Roche Posay’s Thermal spa water helps soothe the skin whilst new high-tech ingredients in Lipikar Baume AP+ fight to restore balance in the skin.

3. After a long day at work, stay away from a hot bath. It might sound like torture, but getting in one is exactly that for your skin. Long soaks in water with temperatures over 34oC affect your skin’s natural ability to heal so keep your showers below 10 minutes.

4. After your shower, go ahead and pat yourself dry. Rubbing can irritate fragile skin.

5. Do you use different products for your hair? If so, why not for your skin? There are washes for dry and itchy skin, normal or dry skin, as well as those specifically for Atopic Dermatitis that help the skin recover and heal. Just ask your pharmacist about La Roche Posay’s different Lipikar products.

6. Using a body cream daily will gradually but surely improve your skin – Make it part of your routine!

Follow these tips for more confidence

Follow these few tips and your skin will be soft, healthy and irritation-free all year round. You will definitely feel more confident in your own skin.

Unbalanced Microbiome & Inflammation

This is what the skin microbiome looks like when it is unbalanced.

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