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Prohealth recognises how important it is for employees to participate in a team event and bond outside of an office environment. This is why, on Friday 23rd June, the company’s annual Team Building activity was held.

This year, employees and directors took part in a Treasure Hunt challenge, planned by the St Paul’s Bay Feast Committee. Players were divided into groups of four, armed with a list of witty but brain-wrecking riddles that saw them scattered to different towns throughout the centre of the island, looking for clues, and picking up various items along the way.

By the end of the game, the teams returned to the office, tired, but triumphant and laughing as they told each other stories of their adventures and escapades.

To reward and thank everyone for their hard work and enthusiastic participation, all the teams then congregated on the roof for a night of pizza, drinks, and good cheer, before heading home.

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