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Excited for your holiday? Make sure you pack the essentials for when you travel!

The Essentials!

  • Toiletries – remember the liquid limit of 150ml when flying
  • Phone/ Tablet – keep yourself entertained on long journeys – don’t forget about charges when abroad, try and connect to Wi-Fi when possible
  • Charger – remember to charge your phone, tablet, camera, toothbrush or shaver before and during your trip
  • A Good Read – be it your kindle, a bestselling novel or trashy magazine, take something to entertain you by the pool
  • Suitable Clothes – don’t forget cool clothes, sunglasses and sun hats for sunny destinations. Always take spare items for cooler weather as some hot destinations have plummeting temperatures in the evening

Be Prepared For All Occasions With La Roche-Posay

Sun Protection

If you are travelling to a sunny destination, take Anthelios Sunscreen with you. Remember sun protection is necessary at all times even if your travels do not include a trip to the beach! Anthelios offers dedicated products for your face and body and even products that are suitable for children and babies sensitive skin.

Do Not Let Accidents Spoil Your Trip!

Sun protection isn’t the only precaution you should take when packing. Do not let incidents disrupt your trip, take Cicaplast when travelling, this multipurpose repair cream can treat minor problems such as burns, blisters, stings, bites, cuts and scrapes. Do not let these small issues spoil your fun!!

Stay Fresh

Travelling involves a lot of movement, running to catch your flight, walking around sightseeing, swimming in the pool and dancing the night away! Stay fresh throughout your trip and carry deodorant with you. La Roche Posay’s Physiological Deodorants offers 24 hour protection by fighting humidity and odour. Choose from a spray or roll-on to suit you, just make sure it fits in your handbag!

Don’t neglect your Skin!

Just because you are not at home doesn’t mean your skin can take a break. Keep on top of your skincare when away, especially if you are in a different environment. We recommend Anthelios KA daily protective moisturiser for skin at high risk from daily UV exposure whilst on holiday. It’s easy to fight oily skin and imperfections that can be caused by the stress of travelling with Effaclar. Finally don’t forget to remove your make-up after a long day, even if you choose to wear waterproof make-up for the beach or pool, try Respectissime waterproof eye make-up remover which is suitable even for very sensitive eyes.