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The human hair growth cycle happens in three different phases, which are known as anagen, catogen and telogen. The telogen phase is when hair lies dormant for a period of one to four months during which hairs are shed naturally. Once new growth begins, that marks the beginning of the anagen (or growth) phase.

Loss of hair density becomes an issue when hair remains dormant for a long period of time. The longer the dormant phase, the higher the number of empty hair bulbs and the lower the hair density.

What do we see?

When hair density begins to lower, hair appears sparser and the scalp becomes more visible. Recent research has shown that stem cells have the amazing ability to awaken dormant hair bulbs and create new hair.

Stemoxydine 5% is actually the very first patented molecule which has proven efficacy for increasing hair density. It is the active ingredient in Dercos Neogenic, causing dormant hair bulbs to awaken. The number of hairs increases, resulting in hair both looking and feeling denser.

The efficacy of Dercos Neogenic was demonstrated in a medical environment and under dermatological supervision. It was observed to regrow an average of 1,700 hairs on each person tested.

For how long should the treatment be used?

It takes three months for the hair to redensify, however some 1,700 new hairs are awakened during that time. Application is easy – just one ampoule per day should be applied to the scalp to either wet or dry hair. No rinsing is required. The treatment can be repeated for a second time during a single year should the need arise. Dercos Neogenic Treatment is also non-sticky, non-oily, paraben-free, hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive scalps.

Dercos Neogenic redensifying shampoo contains Stemoxydine, cosmetic polymers and styling polymers, can be used as a complement to the Neogenic hair re-birth treatment or used alone all year round. This shampoo helps increase hair density, volume and hold.


What to do for healthier-looking hair

Vichy recommends avoiding repeated exposure to aggressive treatments such as colouring, straightening and blow-drying, because these damage the hair’s cuticle and cortex fibres.

Eating a well-balanced diet containing fish, vegetables and fruit is also recommended for healthier-looking hair. This is because they’re full of vitamins and minerals which hair needs. Also you can never go wrong by drinking plenty of water every day.

Dercos hair care acts from the scalp, changing hair’s future. The range offers Total Hair Solutions and is available exclusively in pharmacies.