Dedicated to skin health for over 80 years.

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Vichy skincare products combine the earth’s beneficial mineral properties with ground-breaking scientific research. In 1931, Dr Haller, a medical director at the Thermal Treatment Centre in the town of Vichy, France, discovered the therapeutic virtues of Vichy Thermal Spa Water on the skin. Originating more than 2,000 years ago in the heart of Auvergne’s volcanoes, and naturally rich in 15 rare beneficial minerals and antioxidants, Vichy Thermal Spa Water has been recognized for its remarkable soothing, fortifying and regenerative properties to help transform every woman’s skin quality. Dr Haller pioneered the first line of dermo-cosmetics powered by this water. He also identified “skin types” that required tailored treatments. Today, Vichy Thermal Spa water is at the core of all Vichy skincare products.

Vichy Laboratories bring healthcare professionals together to develop high-performance and well tolerated skincare products that offer effective ways to maintain and enhance the health of your skin – for it to be protected, revitalised, and to better retain water and nutrients. Vichy skincare products have been designed for today’s woman, with renowned anti-ageing brands such as LIFTACTIV, and NEOVADIOL being used by women worldwide daily, at different stages of their lives, for younger-looking skin. Vichy’s expert and award-winning camouflage foundation, DERMABLEND covers & conceals head to toe complexion flaws, from mild to severe imperfections, while improving the quality of life of people of every age, race and skin type.

Vichy have been pioneering research into hair growth and hair loss mechanisms since 1973, leading to the discovery of active ingredients such as Aminexil and Stemoxydine, today found in the market-leading DERCOS hair care products that offer solutions for most hair and scalp conditions.

Vichy & Prohealth.

In March 2007, Prohealth was entrusted with exclusive marketing and distribution rights for the Vichy premium skincare brand in Malta, to be sold exclusively through the pharmacy channel. Prohealth has been working hand in hand with pharmacists ever since, to enable them to offer their clients an optimal, daily, skincare regimen, tailor-made to their individual needs, while continuing to develop the brand further with a variety of marketing initiatives targeting consumers seeking to improve their skin health.

In 2010, Prohealth introduced Vichy Laboratories to the Libyan market. Vichy is today one of the leading dermo-cosmetic brands sold in Libyan pharmacies. Prohealth has recently been entrusted with the launch of Vichy in other developing African markets.

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