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In today’s world, women who are aged 50 and over are increasingly perceived as still being young. This means that the need for them to look good at this age is now stronger than ever.

One of the challenges that women at that age have to deal with is the effect menopause has on both their bodies and skin. Their body shape may change, as can their skin.

Facial Changes

When considering facial skin, the cheekbones lose definition, neck skin sags and the facial oval also loses its definition. It goes without saying that these changes due to menopause can prove more difficult to accept for some than others.

Neovadiol Gf

Vichy understands these issues and as a result has created NEOVADIOL Gf, which is the result of 30 years of research into tissue engineering. In fact, NEOVADIOL Gf face care products were the catalyst for the advancement in menopause-related cosmetics.

NEOVADIOL Gf products target the effects of hormonal imbalances on the skin by acting on three key facial zones, namely the cheekbones, neck and jawline. They contain Pro-Xylane to help the skin regain its density and hydration, together with Proteic GF, which are proteins that stimulate skin cells.

The products are available in two gel-cream textures – Day care, for normal/combination and dry skin, and a Night care. Eye & Lip contouring cream complements the range.

Neovadiol Gf

Exciting New Arrivals to Malta –NEOVADIOL MAGISTRAL

Some exciting new arrivals from Vichy have made it to the local market to supplement the existing NEOVADIOL range. These are NEOVADIOL MAGISTRAL BALM and NEOVADIOL MAGISTRAL ELIXIR, a regenerating concentrate with nourishing oils.

NEOVADIOL MAGISTRAL was created for women post-menopause looking to fight against lack of comfort, and accentuated loss of skin density and structure, at the time of life when skin loses 57% of its lipids.

NEOVADIOL MAGISTRAL ELIXIR is a regenerating oil that is rich yet feels light on the skin. It can be used in three different ways – alone, combined with your face care or as a ten-minute mask treatment to replenish the skin with essential lipids, thanks to Omega 3-6-9.

NeoVadiol for Blog

All Vichy products are available exclusively in leading pharmacies throughout Malta and Gozo.