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What is a facial serum?

A serum penetrates deeper into the skin; reaches deeper layers than a face care cream. It is highly concentrated and has the power to combat many skin concerns, be it hydration, improving skin quality or skin ageing.

Some women tend to choose a serum instead of a moisturiser for their normal/combination/oily skin as the texture is lighter, and they know that they are having active ingredients delivered deep into their skin! Women with drier skin tend to feel that they need to use a cream on top of their serum.

A serum can be applied alone or under a cream, in the morning, the evening or both.

What does Vichy offer?

VICHY offers a serum for all skin types and all skin concerns.


AQUALIA THERMAL DYNAMIC HYDRATION SERUM helps distribute water evenly across all areas of the face, thanks to the association of VICHY THERMAL SPA WATER and three new generation energising active ingredients. Skin is re-plumped, it helps create a protective barrier on the surface of the skin and to lock in hydration and retain water in the skin. With this serum your skin is fresh and well-hydrated all day long. Ideal for all ages and all skin types.

“This is a great luxurious product that does exactly what it says. I noticed immediate results.” Jo, United Kingdom

Aqualia Serum


IDEALIA LIFE SERUM fights the affects that our daily lives have on our skin. Our skin is damaged by many external factors including stress, smoke, pollution and diet. Consisting of LR2412+LHA this formula helps to accelerate skin repair and to boost its resistance to external aggressors. It also helps to stimulate renewal and reduce the appearance of pigmentation.

“Light and pleasant fragrance and the texture is very nice. A high quality product, which is delightful to use.” Linda, United Kingdom



LIFTACTIV SERUM 10, a transparent serum that melts into the skin upon application providing an immediate anti-ageing effect. It is enriched with Rhamnose 10%, a naturally –derived plant sugar, clinically proven to act on skin rejuvenation and to slow down the signs of ageing. It is also combined with Hyaluronic acid for an immediate plumping and hydrating effect. Wrinkles and pores are visibly reduced, skin feels lifted…with just a few drops and in just 10 minutes you can visibly see firmer and smoother skin!

“I loved Liftactiv Serum 10. I plan on buying this product continuously. The serum was great… once you apply, you feel it working right away.” Christine Camirand

Visit your local pharmacy to see which VICHY serum most adapted to your skin!

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